06/05/2024 H2020 Project Interconnect

Homelab News The recently finished H2020 Interconnect project focused on the development of a semantic interoperability framework to simplify the integration of smart homes and buildings into energy grids. Read More ›

29/11/2023 Combining Distributed Microphones in Smart (IoT) Environments for Acoustics Source Separation

Homelab News In our everyday lives, we encounter a lot of devices which carry at least one microphone with them: think of smart phones, smart watches or laptops. Combining these microphones could be of great benefit for improving audio quality in for example hybrid meeting settings or for hearing aid users. Read More ›

20/11/2023 Implementing Vision-Enabled Dialogue in Social Robots

Homelab News Hey there!👋 Imagine a world where your favourite chatbot or social robot isn't just responding to text-based inputs but is also getting a real-time visual sneak peek into the conversation. Exciting, right? Well, we implemented just that with the help of GPT-4: Read More ›

13/09/2023 VR Study

Homelab News A comparative study of virtual reality vs real-life cooking in a smart kitchen. At Homelab, we are at the forefront of innovative research. Recently, we conducted an in-depth comparative study between Virtual Reality (VR) and real-life cooking experiences in a state-of-the-art smart kitchen. Here's a brief overview of our findings. Read More ›

06/09/2023 Adaptive spoken language

Homelab News HomeLab served as a testing ground for research in adaptive spoken language interaction with interactive devices, such as digital assistants and home robots. Read More ›