Data collection

HomeLab is extensively monitored with many sensors and contains a lot of remotely controllable actuators for which status information is available. All data is stored in a secure and scalable data platform (Obelisk).
HomeLab thus allows to easily monitor and analyze a broad range of environmental parameters when a new product or service is tested or to set up data collection campaigns as input for the development of data-driven models and services.

An overview of available sensor & actuator data:

Air quality
  • 66 temperature sensors
  • 28 relative humidity sensors
  • 27 CO2 sensors
  • 2 VOC sensors

  • 21 PIR motion sensors
  • 2 radar based accurate presence detection sensors
  • 6 camera based people counting sensors

Light intensity
  • 29 sensors

  • 6 sensors

  • 132 energy consumption/production measurements (per building system and wall socket)
  • Total household and heat pump consumption per phase
  • Weather
  • Outdoor weather station measuring temperature, rain rate, wind speed and light intensity

  • 23 lights: on/off status
  • 3 dimmable lights: brightness level

Remote Controllable Building Systems
  • 9 blinds: open/close level
  • 8 curtains: open/close level
  • 10 windows: open/close level
  • 12 Radiator valves: open/close status
  • Kitchen island: elevation height