Homelab offers a wide range of energy related infrastructure to test and validate energy applications such as energy monitoring services, smart control of building systems (e.g. HVAC, blinds, windows), residential demand response services, etc.

Ongoing research activities include the design of models characterizing flexible assets and the thermal behavior of buildings using hybrid AI modeling approaches, the design and validation of smart control algorithms for flexible assets such as the installed home battery and heat pump, combining local goals (e.g. maximizing self consumption of local PV power) with global goals (e.g. providing flexibility to energy markets), and testing the interoperable communication with the heat pump as part of the European project InterConnect

Validation of the heat pump Limit Power Consumption service using the InterConnect Semantic Interoperability Framework

HomeLab participates in the European EDIH-EBE project, a one-stop-hub for start-ups and companies of up to 3000 employees working on energy applications in the built environment. Via this project HomeLab can be used to test and validate energy applications at reduced cost.