06/05/2024 H2020 Project Interconnect

The recently finished H2020 Interconnect project focused on the development of a semantic interoperability framework to simplify the integration of smart homes and buildings into energy grids.

By using open standards and ontologies such as SAREF, new energy services can be developed much faster and coupled with renewable energy sources and flexible devices (e.g. PV panels, home batteries, heat pumps, white good appliances, EV charging stations, etc.). In this way, the energy efficiency of buildings can be improved, and more flexibility can be unlocked to cope with the increase of renewable energy sources and balance the power grid.
In HomeLab the InterConnect solutions were successfully tested and validated on the available Daikin Altherma 3 heat pump for both monitoring and control services, in close collaboration with Daikin Europe.

Daikin Altherma 3 heat pump in the basement of HomeLab

Example test where the energy consumption of the heat pump was temporarily limited to 1kW using the Limit Power Consumption (LPC) service, e.g., to avoid additional costs due to the capacity tariff, or to better respond to dynamic tariffs