HomeLab is a unique residential test and co-innovation environment for smart home services. It is both a lab and a real two-story house in which people can live temporarily to test and co-create IoT & AI services. It supports innovation from brainstorming, over early proof-of-concept testing to pre-pilot testing in a real living environment for a variety of application domains, such as home automation, health & care, energy, social robotics, audio & video, AR/VR, etc.

Technical corridors, hollow floors and ceilings allow to add and hide new devices and prototypes ensuring a natural interaction with the services under development and test. An extensive sensor infrastructure captures relevant context information (temperature, air quality, energy consumption, user presence, etc.) supporting in-depth analyses of the performed experiments.

Via an open home automation system all functional elements (HVAC, blinds, curtains, switches, doors, windows, etc.) can be controlled and monitored. All captured sensor and actuator data are stored in a scalable and secure data platform providing access to real-time and historical data.

HomeLab aims at serving the needs of different stakeholders including SMEs as well as large businesses, researchers, non-profit organizations, etc.