13/09/2023 VR Study

A comparative study of virtual reality vs real-life cooking in a smart kitchen. At Homelab, we are at the forefront of innovative research. Recently, we conducted an in-depth comparative study between Virtual Reality (VR) and real-life cooking experiences in a state-of-the-art smart kitchen. Here's a brief overview of our findings.

To determine the efficiency, practicality, and user experience when comparing VR-based cooking methods against traditional methods in a smart kitchen environment.

Participants were divided into two groups. One group was given VR equipment simulating a smart kitchen environment, while the other group used a real smart kitchen setup. Both groups were tasked with preparing a series of dishes under specific conditions.

Key Findings:

Efficiency- The real-life smart kitchen participants often finished tasks quicker than the VR counterparts. However, the VR group showed increased efficiency in specific tasks such as recipe referencing and multi-tasking, thanks to immersive overlays and prompts.
Learning Curve- Novice cooks in the VR group displayed a steeper learning curve, benefiting from the guidance and error-correction potential that the VR environment offers.
User Experience- VR participants expressed heightened excitement and engagement during their cooking experience, but also cited instances of motion sickness or disorientation.
Safety- No significant differences were observed in safety between the two groups. The smart kitchen's safety features played a pivotal role in this parity.
Skill Transfer- Post-study, participants from the VR group were tested in a real kitchen to gauge the transferability of skills. Preliminary results indicate that core concepts learned in VR were effectively transferred to real-world scenarios.


While real-life cooking in a smart kitchen remains the gold standard in terms of tactile feedback and efficiency, VR offers a unique, immersive learning environment. As VR technology continues to advance, we foresee an enhanced integration of VR in culinary training and experimentation.

For a detailed breakdown of our study, including participant testimonials and a comprehensive data analysis, visit our dedicated research page

At Homelab, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of research to pave the way for the future. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking studies.