HomeLab offers different services supporting innovation, technology validation and demonstration, brainstorming and co-creation, and knowledge dissemination for a wide range of residential application domains.

Testing and validation of prototype services and products in real environment
Innovations can be deployed in HomeLab and tested in real conditions, possibly involving end users. The technical corridors, hollow floors and ceilings allow to easily hide aspects of a test setup so that the natural interaction with the technologies under development and test is not disturbed. A wide range of environmental data is recorded (temperature, air quality, energy consumption, user presence, etc.) supporting in-depth analyses of the performed experiments.
The garage serves as an integration space to support and monitor ongoing experiments in the rest of the house.

Technology demonstration
HomeLab is well suited to demonstrate your latest innovations to partners, clients and test users in a beautiful real-life setting. Extra tools are available to easily integrate your innovation with existing technologies and emulate diverse scenarios.

Brainstorms & hackathons
HomeLab offers an ideal environment to foster creativity, co-creation, and innovation. The real environment allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the creative process. Additionally, the living lab's infrastructure, equipped with many sensors, remote controllable building systems and the availability of a large and rich set of historical data, provides participants with the necessary tools to create mock-ups and prototypes in real-time.

HomeLab offers an ideal environment for trainings with small groups on aspects relevant for a residential setting. The available infrastructure, technology and data support interactive and practical learning experiences.

HomeLab offers a comfortable environment for small-scale events and networking. Hosting an event in a real living room creates a cozy atmosphere encouraging interaction among participants. Presentations can also be supplemented with interactive demonstrations and real-time data visualizations.

Startup Cave
Homelab is an ideal environment for a technical deep dive with a team for a period of 1 to 5 days. The infrastructure allows to work in different teams/breakouts, host meetings and workshops in combination with lab infrastructure and technical support to set up experiments.
Additionally experts from IDLab can come by to present the state of the art in their research field, ranging from AI to IoT to Cloud/Edge systems, and different application domains (energy systems, healthcare solutions, AR/VR technology, social robots, audio & video technology, etc.). These experts are also available to discuss problems and challenges.
People can also stay over in the house (sleep accommodation is available) boosting team building.